It provides the attention to detail and commitment to quality that is absolutely required by one of the world’s best caviars.

Together with some of the leading sturgeon researchers and biologists in the world, we produce a completely sustainable, fully traceable caviar for a global audience, according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) regulations. As the only CITES approved Captive Breeding Facility in the world, we take great pride in our achievements towards revival of Acipenser Brevirostrum and its caviar.

It takes the right conditions to create excellent caviar. We use clean, pure Canadian waters with carefully calibrated temperature and flow rates; balanced feeding plans; and spawning techniques both classic and cutting edge.

Our hand-rearing of each and every fish allows us to achieve optimal quality caviar. Size, texture, colour and flavour are all repeatedly measured and maintained as we harvest the roe at the precise moment of ripeness, lightly salt it with traditional malossol process and natural Bay of Fundy sea salt, then securely package it fresh for consumption.

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