it’s even rarer to find a delicious indulgence that is so good for you.

Breviro Caviar is a rich source of Omega-3 and other fatty acids that are critical for regulating body processes: they benefit the nervous system, the circulatory and immune systems, and have been shown to combat cancer and heart disease. They help regulate optimum cholesterol levels and blood pressure rates, and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Caviar is also a rich source of vitamins A and D, and the minerals magnesium and selenium. Its proteins are easily-digestible, and caviar consumption is especially recommended to patients recovering from surgery or chemotherapy as its excellent B12 content helps build hemoglobin in the bloodstream.

Consuming Breviro Caviar on a regular basis can improve the health of your skin. Many spas and cosmetic companies use caviar oils in treatments to improve skin’s texture and elasticity.

Of course, caviar is valued the world over as an aphrodisiac, but did you know it’s also said to help prevent the ill effects of alcohol? Its high content of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter believed to play a key role in memory retention) increases the body’s tolerance to alcohol and can help you feel 100% the next day.

Caviar also has its own mythology. Much historical lore exists about the virility that caviar consumption produces. It’s only natural to assume some of the sturgeon’s amazing resilience, legendary fertility and superior genetic strength are passed on to the consumer.

It’s nice to think that while you’re enjoying the flavour of our delicious Breviro Caviar, you may also enjoy better health as a result.

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