is one of the rarest breeds of sturgeon in the world.

It has been listed as Endangered by the Endangered Species Act since 1967. It’s only found in one Canadian location: the Saint John River system, originating in northern Maine and flowing the length of New Brunswick to its outlet into the Bay of Fundy.

This fish has had International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List Status since 1996, when it was assessed as Vulnerable. It’s listed in Appendix 1 of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and Breviro Caviar is the only CITES approved Captive Breeding Facility in the world.

Breviro Caviar’s breed of sturgeon can grow to over a metre in length, and can live for a human lifetime. Acipenser Brevirostrum are long-lived, strong, and genetically diverse, surviving across the millennia with amazing resilience. They are one of the most ancient groups of ray-finned fishes, with fossil evidence that places them on earth over 200 million years ago.

Acipenser Brevirostrum roe is usually a rich golden brown. Due to the breed’s genetic diversity, albino sturgeon also occur, producing extra-fine eggs, often referred to as Golden Caviar due to its rarity and value.

The ongoing research and academic and scientific partnerships in our aquaculture facilities help advance the frontiers of knowledge about Acipenser Brevirostrum bioscience every day.

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